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Trimbakeshwar Pandit, Nashik ​

लोका: समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु।​

Book Your Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja at Trimbakeshwar on the occasion of Shravan and Nag Panchami.
Pandit Ravi Guruji as one of the pandits of Trimbakeshwar Nashik, who is accredited and expert in performing Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja and Mahamritunjay Jaap, Trimbakeshwar Rudrabhishekh, Narayan Nagabali, etc. as well as all the other pujas there.

Kaal-Sarp-Dosh-Nivaran-Puja Trimbakeshwar

Kaal sarp dosh occurs when all seven planets align between Rahu and Ketu. An individual’s Kal Sarp dosh is created when exactly half of their natal chart is vacant by planets.

The kaal sarp dosh pooja is performed only in Trimbakeshwar, and it will be removed from the horoscope only if it is performed in Trimbakeshwar.

Kal Sarp Dosh Puja takes 4 hours and for this pooja, Trimbakeshwar pandit Ravi Guruji must be notified at least two days in advance of coming to Trimbakeshwar to arrange for all the puja samgri to be prepared in a proper manner. In addition to removing mental stress and health issues, the Kaal Sarp Dosh puja in Trimbakeshwar also resolves marriage-related problems after the person has performed the Kaal Sarp Dosh puja. Trimbakeshwar Pandit Ravi Guruji also perform Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja Online for the convenience of Yajman’s. 

About Guruji

Pandit Ravi Guruji lives in Trimbakeshwar and for over 30 years, pandit ji has been performing puja in Trimbakeshwar.

He has performed 32,000+ Kaal Sarp Dosh Pujas so far and earned the title of Expert Guruji in Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran in Trimbakeshwar and the Best Pandit for Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja in Trimbakeshwar.

Pandit Ravi Guruji does, Kaal Sarp dosh PoojaMahamrityunjay JaapNarayan NagbaliPitru puja, Trimbakeshwar Rudrabhishekh, Navagrah Shanti, Arak Vivah, Kumbh Vivah,Tripindi, etc., all types of puja in scriptural method in Trimbakeshwar, that is why the problems of their Yajaman’s and troubles are also resolved quickly.

kaal sarp dosh puja in trimbakeshwar by trimbakeshwar pandit - best pandit for kaal sarp puja in trimbakeshwar
Why to choose him ?
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Years of Experience

Guruji has more than 30 years of experience performing puja in a scriptural manner.

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Puja’s Done

It has been 32,000+ puja’s done by guruji. 

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Yajman’s happy with puja

More Than 70,000 yajaman’s are happy with the puja done by guruji. 

And, Because he performs worship based on these three criteria, his yajmans receive excellent results from his worship (puja) and they leave satisfied.

100% dosh Nivarn

Because Guru ji is educated and learned, his worship is always successful, with 100% dosh (defects) in the horoscope of the yajman being removed. (Nivaran of kaal sarp dosh)

Yajman's Satisfaction

Trimbakeshwar Pandit Ravi Guruji strongly favours the satisfaction of the yajman, and all of his yajman's always being satisfied with his worship.

Happy Life

Guruji's objective is to make people's lives happier by removing defects in their horoscopes.

Other Puja’s

Mahamritunjay Jaap

The Mahamrityunjaya Jaap is a famous and powerful prayer dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap is performed in order to please the god and seek his grace, when one is confronted by major obstacles in life.


Trimbakeshwar Rudrabhishekh

Rudrabhishek puja is a supreme ritual of Hindu religion. It brings positive energy and removes negative vibes to the worshiper.

This puja is performed to offer a sacrifice to Lord Narayana, in order to get peace of mind in the supernatural family members who might have suffered unnatural death.


Navagrah Shanti

Navagraha Shanti Puja is performed to reduce and eliminate the malefic effects of stars, planets, Rahu and Ketu in our horoscope.

Pitru Puja

Pitru puja is immensely important both for the wellbeing of oneself and of souls of one’s ancestors.

Kumbh/ Ark Vivah

A mandar tree is symbolically married to the prospective groom during Arka-Vivah, and an earthen pot is symbolically married to the prospective bride during Kumbh-Vivah.

Kumbh Vivah Trimbakeshwar

Customer's (Yajman's) reviews

Firstly, I comes first time in the trimbakeshwar Nashik. Everything has been discussed in the phone and I have booked my families kaal sarp dosh puja by Ravi guruji and I am very satisfied with his individual kal sarp dosh puja.
Monali Salunke
I have done mahamitunjay jaap by Ravi Guruji for my relative in the Trimbakeshwar jyotirlinga and he has done it in very scriptual manner.
Pranmay Ghodekar
Thank you very much guruji for doing my kaal sarp dosh pooja in very good manner. As we discussed in call all the process are done in good way.
Omkar Kadam
I came to Trimbakeshwar to perform a pitru dosh puja, and my puja was completed perfectly by pandit Ravi guruji. He is good guruji for puja in Trimakeshwar.
Sanjay Shah
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