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7+ Best Trimbakeshwar Dharamshala near Jyotirlinga

If you are coming to Trimbakeshwar and looking for the best Trimbakeshwar Dharamshala where you can stay for a minimal amount. Here is the names list of Trimbakeshwar Dharamshalas which are the best in a variety of situations as well as that cater to various preferences and circumstances, ensuring an affordable yet quality accommodation experience during your spiritual journey.

Here is the name of the Trimbakeshwar Dharamshala list from which you are able to book your room according to your preference.

Trimbakeshwar Dharamshala List for Online Booking

  1. Shri Ram Janaki Krupa Dham Ashram
  2. Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Trimbakeshwar ( Gajanan Sansthan )
  3. Swami Samarth Kendra
  4. Maheshwari Dharamshala ( Maheshwari Bhakt Nivas)
  5. Damodeshwar Ashram
  6. Niranjani Akhada Bhaktnivas
  7. Gagangiri Dharamshala ( Swamy Gagangiri Maharaj Bhakt Nivas )
  8. Lokhandwala Dharamshala

If you want to book your Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja in Trimbakeshwar contact the guruji. He will guide you about all.
Trimbakeshwar is a special place in Maharashtra. It’s known for having one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, which represent Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. This town is full of history and spirituality, attracting people from everywhere who are looking for peace and blessings.

The main attraction here is the Jyotirlinga, a powerful symbol of spirituality. People come from far away to experience its sacredness and hope to find inner peace

Visiting Trimbakeshwar isn’t just about a trip, it’s a chance to connect with something deeper. Where you stay on this journey is really important as well as many people’s do puja’s to remove their dosha like kaal sarp dosh puja ( Kaal Sarp dosh nivaran puja), Mahamrityunjay Jaap, Pitru dosh puja, etc. Many puja’s.
There are places called Dharamshalas that are made for people on this spiritual path. They’re designed to make you feel comfortable and help you find spiritual peace.

You will find all the best Dharmashalas in Trimbakeshwar with the help of this guide. Each one is special in its own way and close to the sacred Jyotirlinga. They’re like safe havens for people seeking peace and a deeper connection.

Detailed information about Trimbakeshwar dharamshala online booking is as follows:

7+ Best Trimbakeshwar Dharamshala Near Jyotirlinga


1. Shri Ram Janaki Krupa Dham Ashram:


Shri Ram Janaki Krupa Dham Ashram Trimbakeshwar stands out as a remarkable option for those seeking a place to stay like Dharamshala in Trimbakeshwar.

What sets this ashram apart is its affordability without compromising on cleanliness and quality of space. It’s known for providing accommodation options tailored to individual needs, ensuring a comfortable stay for all visitors.

This Dharamshala welcomes pilgrims and travelers alike, offering a serene and clean environment to reside in during their spiritual journey. This ashram’s commitment to providing cost-effective yet well-maintained rooms makes it an appealing choice for those looking for a budget-friendly stay without compromising on cleanliness or comfort.
Location / Address of Shri Ram Janaki Krupa Dham Ashram, Trimbakeshwar : Shree Ram Janki Krupa Dham Aashram, backside of shri Swami Samarth Kendra, near HP petrol pump, road front, Trimbakeshwar, Nashik, Maharashtra – 422212.

To Book Your Puja at Trimbakeshwar contact the Guruji.

2. Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Trimbakeshwar:


As a significant religious institution in Maharashtra’s Nashik district, Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan is dedicated to the venerated saint, Shri Gajanan Maharaj, renowned for his spiritual teachings and miraculous deeds. For devotees embarking on a pilgrimage to the Trimbakeshwar Temple, this institution serves as a sought-after accommodation option due to its close proximity to the temple premises and its affordable lodging facilities.

Room Booking at Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Trimbakeshwar
For those seeking accommodation at the Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, room booking can be facilitated both online and offline. Online reservations provide ease and convenience in securing a place to stay, ensuring a hassle-free experience for pilgrims and visitors. Additionally, for individuals arriving without prior bookings, the Sansthan often accommodates guests based on room availability, allowing them to secure rooms upon arrival by presenting a valid identity proof.

Facilities Offered at Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Trimbakeshwar

The Sansthan prides itself on offering clean, comfortable, and basic amenities to cater to the needs of visiting devotees. Accommodation facilities include spacious rooms with attached bathrooms, clean bedding and linen, and the provision of running hot and cold water. Moreover, the Sansthan provides parking space for vehicles, ensuring convenience for those travelling by car or other means. It’s important to note that specific facilities might vary depending on the room category and availability.

The Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Trimbakeshwar offers pilgrims and visitors seeking a comfortable stay during their spiritual journey to the revered Trimbakeshwar Temple an affordable and reliable accommodation option. Online bookings or on-site reservations, the Sansthan ensures a peaceful and spiritually enriching retreat for devotees.
This Dharamshala usually gives rooms offline due to room availability. It is possible to stay there and you will be able to get a good room if you show any proof of your identity.

Location / Address of Shri Gajanan Sansthan Trimbakeshwar : Jawahar Road, Trimbak, Nashik, Maharashtra 422212

3. Swami Samarth Kendra ( Akhil Bhartiya Shree Swami Samarth Gurupeeth, Trimbakeshwar ):


Nashik’s Shree Swami Samarth Gurupeeth-Dindori Pranit and Trimbakeshwar Temple are both must-sees when exploring the city. In this spiritual journey, one can immerse themselves in prayers and receive blissful blessings. It promises an unforgettable trip within a short span of time, situated amidst awe-inspiring natural beauty.

The temple, located around 2 km from the bus stand, presents a serene yet slightly hilly route, easily accessible by auto-ricsha Swami Samarth Kendrakshaw or a pleasant 10-15 minute walk. A temple’s sanctity is underlined by the restriction on photography. The Kendra houses replicas of Devi Shakti Peethas of Maharashtra, fostering a divine atmosphere for devotees.

At nominal rates, the Kendra offers accommodations at Bhakt Niwas and meals at Prasadalaya. Within the temple premises, there is a feeling of positivity, tranquility, and a sense of exploration. The rich history and tales shared by followers add depth to the experience, unveiling the revered Swamiji’s teachings.

Visiting Swami Samarth Kendra promises to be a profound, spiritually enriching experience. It remains a beacon of tranquillity and enlightenment for devotees and tourists alike with its picturesque surroundings, immaculate facilities, and deeply rooted spiritual teachings.

Location/ Address of the Swami Samarth Kendra: Behind Govt Rest House, Trimbakeshwar, Nashik, Maharashtra 422212

To Book Your Puja at Trimbakeshwar contact the Guruji.

4. Maheshwari Dharamshala:


It is located just 300 meters from the Trimbakeshwar bus stop, making Maheshwari Bhakta Niwas an ideal place to stay for pilgrims and visitors exploring Trimbakeshwar. For those seeking proximity to Dharamshala’s spiritual heart, this Dharamshala offers a comfortable and accessible stay.
Accommodation Options at Shri Maheshwari Dharamshala.

Shri Maheshwari Dharamshala provides a variety of accommodation choices catering to the diverse needs of its guests. For families, the Dharamshala offers two-bedded AC rooms and options of two, three, and four-bedded non-AC rooms. These arrangements ensure that families can find suitable lodging according to their requirements, whether it’s seeking a cool and air-conditioned space or opting for more economical non-AC rooms.

Meals and Dining Facilities at the Bhojanalaya

The Dharamshala facilitates meals served at the Bhojanalaya, providing guests with the convenience of relishing wholesome meals without having to venture far. This offering adds to the comfort and ease of staying at Maheshwari Bhakta Niwas, ensuring guests can focus on their spiritual journey without worrying about meal arrangements.

As well as they Recognizing the needs of guests arriving by personal vehicles, Maheshwari Bhakta Niwas offers parking facilities within the accommodation premises. This provision adds a layer of convenience, ensuring that guests can securely park their vehicles and easily access the lodging facilities without hassle.

Location / Address of Shri Maheshwari Bhakta Niwas ( Maheshwari Dharamshala ): House No. 597, Mandir Road, Trimbak, Maharashtra 422212

This Dhamrmashala emerges as an inviting accommodation choice near the Trimbakeshwar bus stand, providing families with a range of room options, dining facilities, and parking amenities. Its strategic location, proximity to transport hubs, and the array of accommodation choices make it a favourable choice for pilgrims and visitors seeking a comfortable stay in Trimbakeshwar.

5. Damodareshwar Ashram:

Damodareshwar Ashram has earned a reputation as an exemplary sanctuary for devotees seeking a peaceful and comfortable stay during their visit. This ashram has consistently been praised for its outstanding offerings and serene ambiance, making it one of the most recommended Dharmashals in Trimbakeshwar.

Many visitors describe Damodareshwar Ashram as one of the best ashrams in the region with feelings of wonder and satisfaction. For those seeking spiritual solace, the ashram’s commitment to providing top-notch facilities has left a lasting impression on guests.

In addition to offering a serene environment, the ashram provides decent living accommodations for devotees. The peaceful surroundings and comfortable accommodations make Trimbakeshwar a compelling recommendation for visitors seeking a comfortable stay.
Location / Address of the Damodareshwar Ashram : Triyambak road, Triyabakeswar, Maharashtra 422212
To Book Your Puja at Trimbakeshwar contact the Guruji.

6. Niranjani Akhada Bhaktnivas:

Niranjani Akhada Bhaktnivas

Niranjani Akhada Bhaktnivas ( Dharmashala ) offers comfortable accommodation with excellent facilities, particularly suitable for families.
Bhaktnivas Dharmashala provides well-appointed rooms featuring attached bathrooms, ensuring guests enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay. A focus on providing quality amenities enables this accommodation to meet the needs of families, allowing them to relax and immerse themselves in the spiritual ambiance of Trimbakeshwar.
Located approximately 800 meters from the Bus Stand, Niranjani Akhada Bhaktnivas offers ease of access for travelers arriving by bus. For those arriving by train, the nearest Railway Station is situated at a distance of 33.8 km, while the Nashik – Gandhinagar Airport stands around 32.6 km away. Local transport services are readily available nearby, ensuring convenient commuting to and from the Bhaktnivas.

Niranjani Akhada Bhaktnivas Dharamasala in Trimbakeshwar serves as an ideal accommodation choice for families due to its focus on providing comfortable and family-friendly amenities. As a result of its strategic location, guests can explore Trimbakeshwar’s spiritual offerings while enjoying peace and quiet inside the Bhaktnivas.

Location / Address of Niranjani Akhada Bhaktnivas: Ring Road, Shree Kshetra Trimbakeshwar, Maharashtra 422212

7. Gagangiri Dharamshala ( Swamy Gagangiri Maharaj Bhakt Nivas ):

Gagangiri Dharamshala

Gagangiri Dharamshala, also known as Swamy Gagangiri Maharaj Bhakt Nivas, guests are welcomed to a serene abode situated just 600 meters from the Trimbakeshwar ST bus stand. Located near Trimbakeshwar Temple, this tranquil accommodation provides convenience and comfort.
A cash security deposit is collected at check-in, which is refunded upon check-out at Dharamshala. We appreciate prior notice from guests planning a late arrival. The accommodation offers four, five, and six-bed rooms, catering to various group sizes. A seamless check-in and check-out experience is provided by setting the check-in and check-out times to 12:00 PM.
Located near Trimbakeshwar Temple, Gagangiri Dharamshala offers a tranquil retreat for pilgrims and travelers alike. With its proximity to the temple, comfortable room options.

Location / Address of Gagangiri Dharamshala ( Swamy Gagangiri Maharaj Bhakt Nivas ): Sant Nagari, Near S.T. Bus Stand, Sant Nivratinath Mandir Road, Trimbakeshwar, Nashik, Maharashtra

To Book Your Puja at Trimbakeshwar contact the Guruji.

8. Lokhandwala Dharamshala:

Lokhandwala Dharamshala is a sacred haven serving pilgrims and travelers seeking accommodation near Trimbakeshwar’s divine Temple. Dharamshalas traditionally offer comfortable lodging, often at a nominal rate, to devotees visiting religious sites.
Such Dharamshalas are strategically situated near temples or religious landmarks, ensuring easy access for devotees to visit and seek blessings without the hassle of long commutes.
Lokhandvala Dharamshala in Trimbakeshwar, similar to other Dharamshalas, likely serves as a comfortable and modest lodging option for pilgrims and travelers seeking a spiritually enriching experience during their visit to the revered Trimbakeshwar Temple.

Location/ Address of the Lokhandwala Dharamshala: Right Near Laxminarayan Chawk Near Tribakeshwar Mandir, Trimbakeshwar, Nashik, Maharashtra

These are some of the best Dharamshalas in Trimbakeshwar which are committed to ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay for visitors, offering a blend of affordability, cleanliness, and good facilities. Whether you’re on a spiritual quest or exploring the historical significance of Trimbakeshwar, these Dharamshalas provide a welcoming haven for a fulfilling experience.

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Trimbakeshwar Dharamshala List

1.Shri Ram Janaki Krupa Dham Ashram
2.Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Trimbakeshwar ( Gajanan Sansthan )
3.Swami Samarth Kendra
4.Maheshwari Dharamshala ( Maheshwari Bhakt Nivas)
5.Damodeshwar Ashram
6.Niranjani Akhada Bhaktnivas
7.Gagangiri Dharamshala ( Swamy Gagangiri Maharaj Bhakt Nivas )
8.Lokhandwala Dharamshala

Trimbakeshwar dharamshala online booking is available or not?

Many Dharamshala’s allow online booking but most of the dharamshala’s done booking by an offline method.

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